Thursday, December 6, 2012

Whats good...

of high quality; excellent.
Whats good in your world? Heres mine...
(In no particular order)
1. Kisses
2. Husbands who go fill up your car late at night because
you have to work so early (spoiled)
3. Date nights
4. Dance Parties in the car (Husband loves my car robot)
5. Coffee with cream
6. Breaths that come easy (asthma is sexy)
7. Just Dance (Best video game EVER!)
8. Friends (I am blessed)
9. A church home (Life Fellowship)
10. Hot showers
11. Warm puppy while I nap on the couch
12. A Love like no other (Husband I <3 you so bad)
14. Best mom ever
15. Funniest and most loving sisters on earth
16. Blessed with two amazing fathers (some kind of luck huh?)
17. Gilmore Girls (Forever!!!!!)
18. Snuggling
19. My Chiropractor (Thank God)
20. God
21. Laughing(like the snorting, stomach aching,
Please STOP I can't breathe kind)
Your turn.

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