Thursday, February 7, 2013

These boots...

Have you ever just had that pair of boots...
that pair without which life would cease to exist?
No? Just me then? 
(This picture brought to you by: I'm wearing these right now, that's
how much I love them!!!!)

These Rampage boots that came to me from the 
clearance bin of the Internet, that I guessed
which size to order, that I wasn't even that 
impressed with initially. These boots that
have seen photo shoots, have seen years of 
sidewalks, and even a 20 something hour long
road trip that should have been 6. These boots 
which I have abused, I so LOVE! This is one
of those silly things, one of those things I 
catch myself wondering what I would do without. 
Humans are funny that way, we get attached to
inanimate objects and need no justification! 
Cheers to life changing boots!

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