Thursday, March 14, 2013



2  [kuhn-tent] 
satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.

Are you content? Am I content?
Is anyone content? Would you wanna be?

This morning, I heard two different people's 
opinions on being content. Then something
popped up on my Facebook feed about the same. 
 I'm all for being content in 
your blessings. Meaning being patient for what's 
to come and thankful for what you have. At the 
same time I'm not looking to settle, I want to 
always be striving for more all the time. I 
never want to reach the top because down is 
the only way to go from there right? 
I'm grateful and content with spending the rest
 of my life with my husband, but I hope to always
be learning new things about him and new ways
to enjoy and refresh our relationship. Being 
content in our relationship with one another
would be a mistake that could cost us dearly
in the long run. I think there are people 
who feel extremely confident in their 
relationship with their significant other
and to that I say, Yay! and me too! But to a 
sense of arrogance about it, I say there is a 
reason to worry. People are so different and 
always changing, we have to be prepared
to work for the love God has given us! It 
is a blessing and should be cared for simply 
to keep it alive just like we would a child.
So, yes and no. I am and I am not content. 
I am content in waiting patiently for my 
husbands job. I am also content in giving all 
the stress and pain this world can cause to God!
I am not content but so very grateful for 
my current job situation. I am called and I
plan to answer when the time is right.
Again with the patience. :)
So like I said, I am and I am not content.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

It's almost Friday!!! 

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