Monday, March 11, 2013

Walking Dead for the birthday boy...

Last night, we celebrated my hunny's birthday 
with a really awesome group of friends who 
we love so much!

We bowled a little...
Some of us littler than others...
*cough* I bowled a 20 *cough*

And I made my sweet hubby these Walking Dead 
Cupcakes because I kinda love him and he kinda
rocks my world! 

I started with red velvet cupcake mix,
added a few broken up Hershey kisses and 
baked them in foil cupcake liners according
to the directions on the box. (I'm domestic
y'all, I'm not Superwoman! hehe)
I topped them with cream cheese icing and
then drizzled blood (black cherry juice)
and topped them with homemade cupcake
toppers and Bloody Bones.

He kinda fell in love with me all over 
again because I'm the girl who made him
Walking Dead Cupcakes! 

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