Thursday, April 25, 2013

You guys!!! It's my 100th post...

Happy National Penguins Day!

And Happy, Whoa, This is my 100th 
post on this here little blog, when 
did that happen day?!

I've been enjoying myself here you
guys. Telling you all of the thoughts that
pass through my brain. Sharing my life, 
and my makeup adoration and beauty 

I come here most days with a silly idea or
 a heavy heart and I pour it all out, and 
you guys let me have at it. I so 
appreciate all of you. :)

I'm currently averaging about 800
page views a month. And I just have to say
WOW. Thank you from the bottom of my 
heart for listening and coming back day
 after day! What a blessing!

Just as a little way of saying Thank You,
I will be giving away 2 beauty products I 
have discussed here on my blog. Enter using
the Rafflecopter below! Isn't this fun? The 
Rafflecopter will be active through next 
Thursday! I will announce the winner next 
Friday! Good Luck!  

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