Monday, May 13, 2013

This weekend...

First and foremost; this weekend was 
Momma's Day! And I sure missed mine!
I love you my momma!
She's so fancy...

I'm so grateful that my sweet boss 
invited us over for a Mothers Day
cookout since our families are so far 
away. It was complete with burgers, hot
dogs, guacamole, soda galore and even 
a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie
with a side of ice cream! And of course 
great company!!! We are blessed!

Also this stuff happened...

I had some fun with my eyeshadow!

We saw...
Gift cards make my world go round...
It was awesome by the way! If you haven't seen it,
you really, really, really need to!

We took some terribly grainy selfies in the theater...

And I found this awesome North Face Jacket that I want
like really, super duper bad...

Best of all...I spent the whole weekend with that one
boy I promised to love and cherish in front of God and all
our loved ones on May 23, 2009.
I think there's a 
Annie-versary coming  up!!!

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