Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This weekend...

We went home, We saw, We Conquered!!!
Mostly though we ate and hung out with our wonderful
families!! It's always so good to be with family, especially
when you live far away from family like us Coble's do!

Texas sure knows how to do sunsets!

And Homeward we go! Thanks for the pretty Rainbow, 
I mean, had it not been for that rainbow, we wouldn't have 
come up with the super cool rainbow song that none of 
you will ever hear because we don't wanna lose cool points.
Do we have any cool points?? That is the question...
 Sometimes when I'm bored and my hubby's hat happens 
to look super gangster on me...things get weird...

And sometimes after a long day and a super long
car ride, we get home and someone is in our parking
spot. And that my friends is about right, isn't it?
But after that long day and that parking spot junk,
we get into our own bed and we sleep, I mean it...
Like Audrey Hepburn after she "Danced All Night"
in My Fair Lady. 

Hope you had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend
and I hope you hugged a soldier or a veteran
and thanked them for all they do and have done
for us! I feel very blessed to have the 
freedoms I do and I know, those freedoms are
not without sacrifice!

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