Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Throwback Thursday of sorts...

I was thinking about my big sister. I was
thinking about the long drives we used to 
take, you know, when gas wasn't 4 bucks a 
gallon! I was thinking about how healing 
those drives were, windows down, music 
blaring and the night. We would take all the 
winding roads we could get our hands on, we 
would drive the maximum speed limit and we 
would sing!! We would sing like there was 
no tomorrow, we would sing and drive troubles
 away! I'm grateful for those nights and for 
the two sisters God blessed me with. I was
 the youngest but they never treated me like
 I was, they always made me feel like I fit 
right in. Sometimes now when I've had a 
rough day, a drive sounds nice but gas is 
too much and I already commute an hour 
total in bumper to bumper traffic to and 
from work, so instead, I drive those dark 
roads in my head, quietly and intently, 
I give my worries away and I am grateful.

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