Thursday, June 6, 2013

Big city livin'...

I tend to forget where I live. Maybe because
I actually live outside of this huge city. 
Maybe it's something like living in Queens 
or Brooklyn but saying you live in New York
and people taking that as NYC. I live in 
suburb of Dallas, I do live in the DFW area, 
but not actually in Dallas. Where do we draw 
the line, ya know? Amarillo was Amarillo and 
once you were in Canyon you knew because 
the 10 minutes of nothingness tended to tip
 you off. Here, all in 20 minutes, you can be 
in Richardson, Allen and Plano and not 
even realize you ever left Richardson at 
all. It's huge and it's somewhat confusing if 
you, like me are directionally challenged.
But, it's fun and there is always so much
to do, so many places to eat, zoos, shopping 
galore, museums and cool events! I used to 
think I'd never leave Amarillo, but once I 
did, I realized there just might be a big 
city girl who's been hiding inside of me 
the whole time. 

Hubby took this one today while out on a 

I took the photo above last year around July
4th because we were coming back into town 
after a night with friends and I was completely
amazed and starry eyed as we went through 
downtown Dallas. I literally forgot where we 
live. It's so beautiful and BIG, you forget,
I don't know how, but somehow, you forget.

Here's to 22 years of living in my hometown, 
Amarillo, to 4 years of living in "Dallas" 
and to so many more adventures anywhere He
might take us!

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