Monday, July 1, 2013

This weekend...

It was Date Weekend...and I mean that,
I mean I really, really mean that. This
weekend was dedicated 100% to us time. 
Me and the blonde boy and a little of 
the pup too of course. We were supposed 
to be out of town this weekend and that
fell through and I was ultra sappy sad
about it so my hubby suggested we take 
one of the days off we had already 
requested for said going of town and
we would have a whole date weekend!! 
I like what I hear I say! Bring on the 
date weekend!!

 The prettiest movie theater bathroom 
in existence!!
 Some smooching before swimming!

The Perot Museum
 What Mars actually looks like right now!
Very Desert-like if you ask me!!
 Crazy fossils, lots of which were found right
around here in Texas!!

 Beautiful Skyline!
The never ending escalator!!

 The most pointless 25 minute wait ever
for this takes you through 
the steps of digging for oil...boring. But
super grateful for the 10 minutes of sitting
down that came with it!! :)
 Bleh! Thanks bench...ugh.

 A simulator that compares your football
throw to that of Roger Staubach!
 That blonde boy...yeesh he's pretty.

Some surprise antiquing in the Design
District!! Super cool!!

 This made us think of BIG!!

What a lovely weekend!! I am so grateful 
to have such a caring, sweet husband. ♥

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  1. Those are the best kinds of weekends. So, SO jealous of that time, haha. Finding a couple of dates when the sun is actually out sometimes proves to be excessively difficult with so many schedule changes.

    1. They really are!! I was so sad to get back to reality! :( Oh well! There will be more weekends like these. ☺ Awwwww!!! It's excessively sunny here! ☺ Hope you find some time!! ♥ Thanks for reading!