Monday, August 12, 2013

This weekend...

Friday was fun! We tried out our new
patio grill, burgers just taste better 
when they come off the grill as apposed
to coming off the George Foreman. Leaps
and bounds y'all, leaps and bounds better!
And we cashed in that Tiff's Treats Groupon
my boss gave me for my birthday, so we have
been eating cookies aaaaalllll weekend. 
Really, we need to stop! 
Saturday we "slept in". Whatever happened to 
the good old days? The days where when I said
 I slept in, I meant I rolled out of bed at 2 
o'clock in the afternoon. when I 
say it, I mean, I slept until 9:30 am and then
 I stared at my husband while he slept for 
another 30 minutes living vicariously 
through him...sad. Anyways, then I went to 
a spa party with one of my very best friends
and spent some time with this chick!
Always a pleasure!
 Then a SAMs pizza date and a redbox.
My favorite kinda date lately!
This was a pretty adorable movie, gotta 
love both Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. Not
my favorite ending, but I guess I didn't 
write it. I would tell you how I would have 
ended it but I don't wanna have to put a 
spoiler alert at the beginning of this post! 

Sunday was church and watching the blonde
boy try his hand at rolling out homemade
pizza dough!

Looks like a pro huh? He did good! 

It was a good time and it was some 
super amazing, yum-tastic pizza!!
It was a busy weekend but it was lovely.

Happy Monday!!!

P.S. This happened again. I cant stop it and 
I don't think I wanna...

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