Thursday, August 29, 2013

Truths about my hair...

Did I ever tell you about the one where I
tried to ombre my hair at home and nothing 
particularly terrible happened. In fact,
nothing at all happened. Yea that's right,
my hair rose up, it was like, "We're not
gonna take this, no we ain't gonna take it,
we're not gonna take it...anymore" Hope
those lyrics are correct. Anyways, then I
waited two weeks and tried again. That
 time my hair was like, "well, we will
 take it a little bit, but not really
 at all."

So you can kinda see it in this picture
but I honestly think its just because of 
all the black, it's really not noticeable
 in person at all. 

And lastly, did I ever tell you about the one
where my hair got super long and I just noticed?


It's almost Friday!!

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