Thursday, September 19, 2013

taking stock...

Photo by Renz Impressions

Making : Christmas presents
Cooking : anything spicy
Drinking : Dr Pepper by the gallon (I wish)
Reading: Jane Eyre
Wanting: so. much. Jewelry.
Looking: for the answers
Playing: Words with Friends and Assassin
Wasting: whole cups of beverages with unfiltered ice in them
Sewing: nothing but wanting to sew everything
Wishing: for new ankle boots
Enjoying: ROAR by Katy Perry
Waiting: for 5 o'clock
Liking: a vintage Dooney and Bourke crossbody
Wondering: when a new adventure will begin
Loving: the blonde boy
Hoping: for rain
Marveling: at the amount of love I have for those God has blessed me with
Needing: a snuggle
Smelling: any and everything pumpkin!
Wearing: my favorite bracelet
Following: so. many. blogs.
Noticing: my style changing by the minute
Knowing: I'll get a good morning kiss at 6:40 on the dot, makes me feel like I'm his whole world.
Thinking: about buying the new The Civil Wars CD when I go grocery shopping this evening and about how I hope they still have some of those fantastic grapes I bought last time
Feeling: restless
Bookmarking: distressed sweaters
Opening: packages that come in the mail. Gets me every time.
Giggling: with my best friend (he's hilarious)
Feeling: ready

This post inspired by Pip

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