Monday, September 23, 2013

This weekend and the 2013 Emmys...

All I really need to say about this weekend is...

Blonde boy 
Grey's Anatomy.
Good weekend.

About those Emmys...

Best Dressed:

 Taylor Schilling in this gorgeous white frock,
she couldn't have picked a prettier dress. And 
I love the simple gold jewelry! A+

I'm hearing most people didn't love this bright
 yellow look on Anna Faris. But I think she knocked 
it out of the park! The look is fresh and young. I 
think it's perfect and she didn't overdo it! A

Worst Dressed:
 Darling, sweet, adorable Julianne Hough,
huh? Why? The bottom of the dress and the color 
make sense, add the top and I'm dumbfounded. I 
want to love it, but, I cannot love that. C-

Oh Paula. F-

The um... of the night:

Cheers to a great week!!

*All pictures from Yahoo!*

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