Monday, September 9, 2013

This weekend...

This weekend, I had a burger with shrimp
on it you guys. Repeat that, soak it in.
A burger. With shrimp...on it. If you are
anywhere near a Quacker Steak Lube & Tune,
you should be eating there like right now.
And you should be getting the Boom Boom 
SurfBurger. Because its Amyazang!!!!!!

So anyways that's what happened on Date 
Night. The blonde boy surprised me by taking
me there. I have been wanting to eat there 
for a few months, so I was happy, happy. 
We also did some wandering, that's what
us Coble's do best. We are sooo good at 
wasting time that needs to be wasted. 
First we got that boy a haircut! (More 
on that another time) Then we wandered 
around a Halloween Store, I'm going to 
be like 12 things this year If I can 
get invited to enough parties. Then 
PETCO where we found an adorable Star
Wars collar for the pup which came 
with a free pair of yoda ears (more 
on that later, obviously), and 
Michaels where I though of a million 
crafts I need to be doing already!!!
And Ice Cream!

A few shots from this weekend!

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