Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Adventures of the tender hearted...

If the world so happened to be attacked by
 aliens and I happened to be the unlucky one who
 had to go out to find food or water, it is
 plausible that if I were to come across a 
listless alien lying on the ground dying 
slowly and painfully, I might swoop him up
and give him a warm place to take his
 last breaths. 

That's me you guys.

I'm the one who saw a crunchy dead lizard
who had been dead for days and could not bear to
leave it in the hallway at work. So yea, I did
go pick it up and bury it in the garden. And 
made a makeshift cross to put over the mound. 
But if you want, we can just pretend that 
part didn't happen.

I'm the one who saves rollie pollies in the
lobby at work, also hanging out in the garden
I presume. 

I'm the one who saw a barely breathing wild rat
or maybe a mouse laying at the bottom of the steps,
just barely breathing and had to find a way to 
save him or at least make him comfy while he 
died. He didn't die by the way! Yippee!

Call me gross, call me weird, but I'm pretty
sure my God calls me compassionate. 
The blonde boy calls me tender hearted. 

I'll take it. 

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