Monday, October 7, 2013

Football weekend...

The Cowboys may not have won(sad face)...
but the blonde boy did! Both games on
Sunday!!! He has the jammed thumb to
prove it...oh and this picture...

(He's the one in the brown hat, just realized 
all these boys are blonde headed and his hair
is of course the only hair you can't see!)

He also bought me an adorable shirt
or two from EXPRESS! They had the best
clearance this weekend.saw a shirt 
online that was on super clearance, but 
super didn't want to pay shipping. Then
 we are rummaging through the bins (I am
 secretly looking for THAT shirt)and what
 shirt does that boy bring me? The exact
 one and probably the only one of it's kind
 left. And. My. Size. Did I tell you I
 never actually mentioned the shirt to
 him, nor had he ever seen it? 
Magic, that guy. 

*Picture borrowed from Life Fellowship

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