Thursday, October 3, 2013

kitchen love...

I had an odd epiphany today you guys.
The kitchen is my absolute favorite room of any 
home I've ever lived in, with the exception of 
my first 2 apartments, man those things were
 not only little but they were not pretty! Even
now, when I go home for a visit, I spend a lot of
time sitting on the counters in my momma's pretty 
kitchen, talking and just sitting. I guess me and
her kitchen got a love thing going on. At our first
home, most of my favorite memories happened in our 
big ole kitchen with the huge sliding glass window
and the telephone with the absolute longest cord
known to man! I spent many hours laying on that
 kitchen floor with that phone glued to my ear and 
my feet resting happily against those wallpapered

All those good things along with the fact that my 
current apartment has a gorgeous little kitchen,
 makes me itch a little for my own big, beautiful

Like this...

A girl can dream right?

It's almost FRIDAY!!

*photo via google


  1. I love a good kitchen as well! Although, I am slowly starting to appreciate the beauty of a perfect bedroom! haha We can all dream for our dream rooms :)

    1. So true Alycia!! I dream of every room since I'm still apartment livin'! lol :) Thanks for stopping by! You have an awesome blog!! <3