Wednesday, November 20, 2013


You know that feeling when you go into something having 
no idea what to expect? I had that feeling last Saturday night. 
My sweet cousin had an extra ticket to see P!nk and she 
offered it up to me, and of course, I said YES!  I love concerts,
I love my cousin and I love P!nk's first CD as well as some 
other songs I've heard sprinkled throughout the years. 
Well Oh My Goodness, I had no idea this concert would
literally soar to the top of my BEST concerts list! She is
completely, totally and insanely AMAZING!
Unfortunately, I only had my iPhone, so this is all I have to

My absolute favorite part was when she came out with 
a metal ring around her waist, was clipped on both sides, 
bounced twice and literally flew across American Airlines
 Center! It was so theatrical and she is just so talented!
Has anyone else seen her? What was your favorite part?

If you get a chance, Good gracious, go see P!nk!

Thanks so much Celeste for thinking of me!! I had a
wonderful time!

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