Monday, December 9, 2013


Like a sourpatch kid.
A grapefruit.
A Warhead.

That was my long weekend all rolled up 
into some sweet and some sour.

Didn't make it to Amarillo for my sister's
surprise 30th Birthday dinner.

Did spend an incredible weekend with the 
love of my life and gosh does that blonde
boy know how to cheer a girl up.

Couldn't drive the car anywhere due to the
ice storm that hit.

Could walk to the sparse grocery store that
just so happens to be behind our apartment 
complex and just so happens to have a 

Became more acquainted with just how much I 
despise cancer, how much it hurts people, 
scares them, sucks.

Became more aware of how BIG my God is,
how he heals, loves...we will trust in Him!

And of course some photos of our icy weekend...

 This little guy showed up all 3 days we were iced in, right 
around 4 o'clock and hung out on our patio!

If y'all don't mind, please say a little prayer 
for my sweet Tia! Go ahead and say a
big one, we wont mind! 

♥ Thanks! ♥

Hope you had a beautiful, toasty

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