Monday, February 24, 2014

TV weekend...

This weekend was GOOD!!!!
We started off our weekend on Friday 
night with a date night. We went to
ChickFilA, we dilly-dallied around ROSS,
we ate ice cream and we had fun!

Saturday was mostly spent at church at
different times of the day for different 
reasons, a really lovely day that ended 
with me staying up way past my bedtime
getting caught up on the last few episodes 
of Parenthood.

Now Sunday, that was my favorite. I 
actually managed to sleep in which is 
close to impossible once my hubby heads
out early. But by some miracle, I fell 
back to sleep and it was really lovely. 
Woke up, straightened up the apartment,
made a pot roast and waited for my blonde
boy to get home. Then after lunch I spent 
the whole rest of the day watching episodes 
of Ravenswood! 

And then I was like, I wanna cut my
hair like that chick...

Sooooo cute! But also short hair super
scares me.
Wait...didn't I already have that haircut?

What say you? Cut or don't cut???

Happy Monday!!
and happy making my hair decisions for me! 

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