Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I know what you're thinking...
That's not Amarillo. Yea but it is Dallas and its from a 
terribly blurred out airplane window on the way to 

Which brings me to a funny airport story. With 
this ▼ outfit, I was rocking a top knot. It was
 a good one too. In fact had I known I would 
have a funny story to go with it, I would have
 captured it in photograph. Shoulda, coulda, 
So anyways, as I was going through security, they 
were eyeing me, you know? They made me get in
that scanner machine and then stand to the side 
and wait for an adorably short TSA lady to check
 me. She patted me slightly and then immediately
grabbed my wrist to admire my Betseyville Watch, 
told me it was beautiful, softly touched my shoulder
 and then reached up and squeezed my top knot. 
Just like that, ever so quickly and then sent me
 on my way. I don't know why but this both made
 me feel awkward and nearly sent me into a fit 
of giggles. I held it in and tried to seem cool. 
The moment I got my boots back on I called my
 blonde boy and we had ourselves a serious laugh.
 Maybe you had to be there but that was definitely
one of my more memorable visits to Love Field!

And a few photos...

▲ Some sweet Mint Tea rocking my world right there!
▲ This dude sure did tell his momma on me a lot 
this weekend,what are mean aunts for?
 (mean aunt story for another day!) Isn't
he just gorgeous!!??
▲ Got to meet this sweet little guy! Welcome to
 the world Pryor! You really lucked out getting the
 momma you did! Good job Banana,
hes sooooooo sweet!
▲ Only managed to get a pic with one sister! Ain't 
she pretty?
▲ And my momma!! Love you!!

It was a fantastic trip and I am so blessed that
I get to be in this family! 

Happy Hump Day!!!


  1. Omg! I think I would have died laughing too. Bajajajaja. Now that you live in the DFW, do you miss it here? Sometimes I want to move that way.

    1. It really was so funny and awkward! :) I miss the people in Amarillo, but not really Amarillo itself. lol. There's more places to eat and shop here I love coming home but then I'm always happy to be back in the DFW too! :) The traffic here is atrocious!

    2. yeah. Traffic is the only thing that has stopped me. I love the rent and housing market there. Food is more abundant and cheaper, with more access to organics there. Lots of shopping, especially the Rainbow store...(they always have stuff there that fits my badonka donk....). Just that dang traffic!

    3. Hahah! Yep! Lots of shopping!!! :)