Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fathers Day 2014...

I guess I'm a little late here aren't I?
But still, I want to take a moment to 
honor two wonderful men in my life. 

 I love this photo taken at my big sisters
adorable backyard wedding.

My dad on my right, My Ricky on my left!

Two men who have and continue to make 
me feel loved and like a very lucky little 
girl. I know, I'm not so little. I haven't 
been "little" for a while. But something
tells me they still see me as a buck-
tooth, little talking machine. And that
 is fine by me. 

Happy Fathers Day to two of the best guys
I know! 

And to my husbands father as well! 

We love all of you!


  1. It's never too late to say Happy Father's Day! What a great little shout out :)
    xo TJ