Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Throwback Thursday of sorts // 005...

"We were just a couple of kids."

I say that often of us. I didn't know the love
of my life would show up when I was only 15.
I had no idea he would love me with so much
kindness and heart. I didn't know we would be
such dreamers, that we would come to love one
another with every part of ourselves, even the 
not so good parts. That he would be so forgiving
and that I would be so stubborn. I didn't know
that we would be so good at lifting each other
 up. I didn't know he would have the ability to 
make me so mad but I'm guessing he had no
 idea how mad I could make him either. I didn't
know he could make me laugh that deep belly
laugh mostly reserved for my sisters. I didn't
know I would be so lucky.

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