Thursday, October 30, 2014

Life Lately with Leo...

Leo is a pretty odd chicken if you ask me. If
you ask the blonde boy...he's an angel from
heaven. They love each other, those two. 
Here's a little look at Leo's life lately...

▼ Clean clothes make THE best pillow. Ears up 
in case he is needed for an emergency clothes
folding situation. He's been practically trying to
jump into the dryer every time I've opened it 
the last few weekends. Like I said, odd chicken.
 ▼ This is Leo's signature move. Head in underarm.
Not only does it keep the light and things floating 
in the air off his face, it makes his chosen human
feel quite comfy and rather sleepy. Its a trap. You
heard it here first.
 ▼ The newest "I just found the best and weirdest
spot in the apartment" spot. And let me tell you
guys, this is not an easy spot to get to. He's been
hanging out in this spot and sleeping. Just 
generally owning it.
 ▼ The sleepy fan move. Wear those Cowboys colors 
with pride and be sure they are at least seen as you
 snooze through the entire game.
 ▼ The "I cant for the life of me understand why you 
won't just forget about that time I peed in the bed 
while you guys were in it sleeping" face. It ain't
working little dude. 

But I can't lie, I love that little face.

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