Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nashville // 001...

I'm back from Nashville! I've been back since 
Saturday actually but my gosh was I wiped out! 
I loved it! I walked and then I walked and then we
 walked and then...we walked some more!
On one of our super fun walks, we had found a rather 
historical chunk of Nashville. As if most of it isn't 
historical. But we were literally in the area where the
 very first high school in Nashville still stands. We had 
been stopping at each plaque to see what each 
building had been and understand more about the
 state they were currently in. We had gotten swept 
up in a sea of people, some tourists, some locals
 headed to the Predators Hockey game when we
 nearly passed a plaque. Like clock work, we weaved
 out of the crowd, took a cautious step to the right
 and began reading. Apparently we were so in tune
that people began walking slowly and staring
and one man leaned over to his wife and said,
"Hmmmm, I thought they were going to do
something cool!" It was the funniest. We
 laughed about that for the remainder of 
the trip!

 ▲ This one was our favorite! 1892 you guys! I
pictured this as one of those soda/candy shoppes on
 bottom and pharmacy on top! Can you see it?
 ▼▲ It doesn't get anymore beautiful than this!

▲ One of the craziest parts was that from those gorgeous old,
historical buildings...this was the view to the left! Downtown
Nashville in all its glory!

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