Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Food: A Love Story...

You guys. I love me some food and I love comedy. 
And now I know that that may be the best combo of 
things. When Blogging for Books gave me my pick
 of about 20 books, I jumped on the obvious choice.

I mean, look at that cover. How could I not?

This book is packed full of some of the most giggle 
worthy one liners I have ever read. Jim writes in
this pun intended, blunt way that is just too funny
to attempt reading while actually eating. Laughing
while masticating, bad combo. I must admit at 
times you will wish you were eating because he
 explains a steak really delectably well. And we're
 pretty much on the same page concerning fish, my
 kinda guy! Also there are two whole pages on why
 we as a society drink bottled water. It's a really good
 two pages, if you plan to skip two pages, don't skip 
those two. OK? This book is witty, it's share worthy
 and plain and simple; it's written really well. When
you finish reading it, you will feel like you just had
a very detailed one on one conversation with Jim
about America and its food. Do yourself a favor
 and check it out. It's a good one!

 *I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.
~You can find more info about this book HERE.~

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