Tuesday, December 2, 2014

On being thankful...

I intended to come here on Thanksgiving and share
what I was thankful for. It was quite a busy day. And
it ended powerfully and completely stopped me in my
tracks. So much so, that I was frozen in thought for
days afterwards.

The day was sunny and sweet. We didn't get to go
home as planned but thankfully we had not one but
three invites to crash Thanksgiving dinners. We 
are very thankful for our sweet friends. You guys 
make our lives so beautiful.

After a delicious, huge meal; we watched the boys 
crash and burn. Yes, the Dallas Cowboys.  Then we 
did a lot of chatting. Much needed chatting with 
good friends. Again, so thankful for the wisdom 
and heart of our friends.

We got so wrapped up in talking that we left for 
home around 2 o'clock in the morning. I immediately
did my normal black Friday thing and I shopped the
$10.00 Sephora deals online. I was enamored in my
shopping cart so I noticed absolutely nothing around
me as we were driving. Then the blonde boy pointed 
out that he had taken a wrong turn. 

My heart wretched quietly and intently as we passed
40 or 50 people sleeping on sidewalks in sleeping
 bags. My stomach was full, my heart was full, heck,
my shopping cart was full on my phone. And these 
people who surrounded us on each side were alone,
they were cold and they were sleeping on concrete
on Thanksgiving.

I'm generally aware of how good I have it, but the
moments after I was floored. I was speechless and
I began to hurt for these people. I grew up on the
North side of Amarillo, to me it was just home but 
as I grew older I began to realize what was thought
of that area. It was "the bad part of town". Not once
in the 15 years I lived in that area did I ever see 
this magnitude of brokenness. I imagine it exists,
but I think maybe God had spared my heart until
he knew I could handle it. Until he knew it would 
truly affect me as he had hoped.

I hope your thanksgiving was beautiful and I hope
you spent it surrounded by those who love you.
Most of all, I hope you are thankful for life, a roof
over your head, food in your stomach and a 
mattress to sleep on. I hope you are thankful for it
 every single day. I know I am.

A few links where you can give if you would like.

Union Gospel Mission -I think this is the mission
 we passed that night. I'm sure those outside were

The Empowerment Plan -this is an amazing girl.
She makes coats for the homeless that can also be
slept in at night. It also employs homeless parents.

The Salvation Army -this charitable organization
can be found just about in every state. You can 
donate goods, volunteer or give a donation.


  1. I am thankful. For my life. For such a sweet daughter who has a soft heart and a way with the pen.