Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday things...

I want...
Any of the gorgeous kitchens found inside Pirch!
That place is amazing! We were wondering around
North Park on our date day last weekend and this
place was insane. It was packed full of the most
unnecessary luxuries and I wanted them all! Ha.
But maybe the best part besides hanging out with
my blonde boy was the bracelet he grabbed for me
on the way out. They were free and came in several
colors. He grabbed his favorite which was a minty
green. It simply says, "LIVE JOYFULLY". I've been
wearing it all week and it's been just the reminder
I need to not let the yucky parts of my day ruin
the entire day. He always knows just what I 

You should try...
Essie "Naughty Nautical" Nail Polish

I love this color! It's the perfect turquoise/green
with sparkle! Also even the kid that was checking
my groceries the other night said it was pretty, so
obviously when a teen-aged boy tells you you're 
polish is pretty, it must be pretty.

It's almost Friday!

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