Friday, February 6, 2015

Forehead kisses are underrated...

But really they are. Happy lovely, lovely Friday
to you my friends. It's date night and I'm over 
here thinking about kisses. Of the forehead kind.
Sounds silly right? This is serious you guys, never
underestimate the power of a forehead kiss. I was
on the receiving end of a forehead kiss at 6:30 am
every single day for over a year. I still get them,
but now I'm up way before my blonde boy so I
 miss them dearly. It's nice to be loved on before
 you have even thought about opening your eyes
 for the day. That's a very good way to start the
 day in my opinion! I had been eyeing this shirt
 for some time and luckily I found it on sale and 
scooped it up. It's kinda perfect and I'm pretty 
sure they made it with me in mind. They just 
didn't know it.

I hope you have THE 
best weekend!

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