Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thoughts on braids...

Is it just me or do I need to be blonde and have
a head full of extensions to achieve pinterest level
braids? I can neither get them thick enough nor do
they show up as beautifully with dark hair.

Barefoot Blonde blogger Amber does the most drool 
worthy braids. That girl deserves an award!

All photos via pinterest

Guess what I found out guys? Yea, sure it takes a lot 
of practice but these types of braids can be achieved.
I have been braiding my hair a ton to get better at it
and I am certainly improving! In fact, I'm starting to
find the less fuss I make about having everything 
perfect, the better they come out!

So if you are like me and you have been feeling
like the odd one out. I gotta tell ya, that whole
"practice makes perfect" thing is legit!

Get to braiding friends!


  1. I think braids are harder with dark hair but yours turn out very pretty! Good job!