Friday, June 12, 2015

Under Magnolia Review and GIVEAWAY...

Blogging For Books gave me another opportunity to pick a book to review and this time I chose Under Magnolia by Frances Mayes. I was drawn to this book because it is by the same author who wrote the book that inspired one of my favorite movies ever! Under the Tuscan Sun! 

It was just as I had suspected it would be. It is a beautifully written memoir, smart and a really fun read. You can feel that she is speaking from her own experience and she explains every little thing so clearly that you feel like you are right there with her, experiencing the sweet South and everything it has to offer. She recounts her life from growing up and finding her way out of Georgia to how it pulls her back in. It has moments of lull and then in an instant you are engrossed in the tales of her life and you are hooked! My favorite part was how she referenced Under the Tuscan Sun so much that I would almost start to see Diane Lane in the scenes of this book. It was fun! In my opinion, this is a good read overall and definitely worth my time! I think you will enjoy it too and luckily, one of you will have the chance! Blogging for Books sent over an extra copy so I could share the love! Enter below! 

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