Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The end of the Saga...

Don't judge me...I'm kinda having a moment. Finally got to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 last night, now I'm feeling pretty nostalgic! I want you to know, I read the books first, then of course had to watch the movies. And yes, I know, "those books are an easy read" as I've been told. But...I. Don't. Care. Not only is it good quality, mushy, teenage angst, but its a excuse to go see a movie with my sisters or the hubby (cause he loves me) or stand in a very long midnight release line at Walmart to pick up the DVD! Good times had by all(except the husband, although he did enjoy the Hobbit trailer as it may).
(My sisters, Felicia and Valerie, my cousin BryAnna)
*Side note: Huge fan of them including the original Victoria (Rachelle Lafevre) in the very nicely done ending credits*

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