Thursday, November 29, 2012

Let me tell you about my hair...

Its clean! Every third day I get very excited, because it's wash your dirty hair day in my world! I used to be a wash your hair every single day girl. That girl...Is GONE. She realized not washing your hair everyday has so many benefits, too many to ignore:
1.  Hair is healthier due to being able to actually use those natural oils.
2. Color holds longer the less you wash. (Although I have no color in my hair, I have seen this to be true *Cough* Felicia)
3. Hair grows quicker and longer simply because your leaving it alone! (Although, I do recommend invigorating self massages and intense brushing before every wash)
4. That gorgeous quiff you see in photos, yea that can only be achieved with dirty hair.
(Had one of those beauties going on yesterday!)
5. You get to work on time!!! One less step in your morning routine most work days! (Instead of a wash/dry/style, its a brush and style)
Try might be surprised by your new found love of dirty hair!

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