Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I have dark circles...

That's why I love...

1.)The Body Shop's Vitamin E Eye Cream
(18.00 for a 0.5 fl. oz tube)
(Can be found here) 
Not only is this stuff moisturizing and light, it wakes
me right up! My favorite thing to do is put this amazing
cream in the fridge and use it cold. The second I smooth that
tiny dot of cream under my eye, I feel awake! Not to mention,
cold is what helps puffiness and swelling to go down.
So if your extra tired or did a little crying the night
before, it's like killing two birds with one stone!
This stuff lasts forever! The lady at the store told me
to make sure to use it everyday to see results, I thought
this was going to cost me quite a bit If I use it everyday.
Um...I've been using one tube for almost a year.
(I think I found a gold mine!)
2.)Benefit's Erase Paste
(26.00 for a 0.15 oz jar)
(Can be found here)
I love this stuff! I was weary of it when I
was on the search for a fantastic under eye concealer.
I read it was "too thick", "too hard to use", and "too much color".
Luckily, when I decided to replenish my eyeshadow
primer, it was a Gift With Purchase situation!
(My favorite kind of situation)
I find it to be smooth, thick and it has great coverage.
(I use No. 2 Medium)
When applied with a very thin lip brush, I get just the right
amount, no waste. I use my ring finger to smooth it
over the whole under area of my eye.
(Always use your ring finger so as not to damage
this very delicate area)
I think the only issue would be color for some,
I recommend heading over to your favorite
Sephora or Ulta and give it a try in-store!
*Also, this is for your whole face, not just
under the eyes.*
Come Back tomorrow for some more BEAUTY LOVE!!

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