Friday, December 14, 2012

I like to glow...

That's why I love...
 Bare Minerals Warmth All Over Face Color
(19.00 for a 0.3 oz jar)
(Can be found here )
I started my love affair with Bare Minerals
makeup in the form of a Get Started Kit that I received
from my ever so smart mother for Christmas years
ago. In general,I love this makeup! It's light and
easy to apply, plus it's hardly possible to over do
it on the color. The warmth is by far my favorite part
of the whole kit! It makes me look sun kissed!
(Seriously, the husband once said to me
 "Wow, you really got a lot of sun yesterday! You look
beautiful!) I apply it
only to my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose
and the contours of my barely there chin.

Just like
Gwen Stefani said herself,
"The Magic's in the makeup"

And I leave you with this thought as the first
ever Beauty Week comes to an end...
I'm just sayin'...

Happy Weekend!

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