Friday, January 18, 2013


Yes please!

I yearn for change. For new. For Different.
 I'm not scared , I'm 100% ready. I feel like I might be 
kicking myself for that statement later. But I feel ready, 
we feel ready. We're ready to go to battle with the bad in 
this world as one soul, as God made us. To take an adventure,
 to see somewhere new, to use degrees, to get degrees, to 
learn new things, to play characters, eat new foods,
 meet new people, and spread His love! We're really 
just a couple of kids who fell in love and held on 
to it with everything. Filled with God given dreams and 
hopes, I believe there is change ahead folks!! I will 
keep sharing in this space, it's a little place to 
call my own. A place where I feel free to express 
myself. I like it here. 

I was blog hopping as I do daily...
I always check a few key blogs, is one of them. I found 
her post today to be so insightful and 
inspiring! I hope you do to!

Happy Weekend! 

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