Monday, January 7, 2013

Date Night and the never ending apartment search...

This weekend...
Date Night!!!
It started with what I deemed a cute outfit 
which I will show you tomorrow!!! Then the 
absolutely, positively most amazing spinach and 
artichoke dip (Oh how I love you Pane Vino), 
perfect pepperoni, mushroom and jalapeno
 margherita pizza outside on a chilly night by the 
warmest heater giving off the most romantic light
you've ever seen!!! I know what your thinking, 
that has to be all...
Hello Fro Yo!! Everything pretty much has to be
ended with something sweet! Doesn't it?

Next we spent some time browsing Half Price Books,
I know...nerds. Anyway, about half way through, I
couldn't find the husband anywhere. Oh, there he is
and has been for the past 30 minutes reading this
insane book about how all music is devil music...
even christian music... Odd we say, although it 
did give us quite a giggle.
(I think I need to buy him a little stool like that. Hehe.) 
(Have I mentioned I love Date Night?)

Apartment Searching...

So about this apartment search...
We might just live in a hole...
I am not kidding...
But, together we will live in
that hole, It will be the Coble 
Residence, easy on the residence... 

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