Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Its a weird revelation...

So...this morning, I was attempting to get that last 
little bit of lotion that gets held hostage somewhere 
in that Bath and Body Works Body Cream bottle. 
(Frugal alert!!)
(This is the kind I mean, the one where you never quite
know how much is left)

I tried and tried until my hand was literally hurting 
a bit. I considered cutting it in half and scooping 
out the remnants(I thought better of it, because if 
there was a lot left, it would dry out from being 
open...)and then it hit me!!!!! Blow dryer!!! I 
used my blow dryer on the highest heat setting to 
warm the exterior of the bottle, lo and behold...
It poured out like sweet sweet honey!!! 
And It wasn't even hot or runny like I expected!
So there you have it...
I told you, Its a weird revelation.
Your welcome. 

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