Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Salut 2012...

2012 is over and I gotta say, I'm not too sad about it!
You brought me some highs and some lows 2012, I don't
think I'm gonna miss you much...
1. I got to spend another precious year with the
love of my life!
2. My grumpy went to be with the Lord (I really thought
this strong, manly man would live forever. And he almost
did, 94 years! I miss him dearly)
3. I got a dream job!!! (Fit Model)
4. I lost said dream job after 10 months
5. I was blessed immediately with a pretty cool
job (I am severely blessed!)
6. Some of our best best best friends moved away
7. We are blessed to still have them in our lives!
(True friends)
8. My sweet, intelligent, competent husband
is still fervently searching for a job that will
jump start his career (Where are you?? We're waiting...)
9. We gained a nephew this year!! (And boy is little
Kinsler cute!)
10. President Obama was re-elected
11. So many heartbreaking shootings
12. The murder and rape of a 23 year
old student who got on the wrong bus in India
(This just breaks my heart)
13. We have been blessed with new friends in
2012 and our prior friendships continue to blossom!
14. We have the most amazing parents and siblings
(We seriously <3 you family!!)
15. We have a wonderful church home!
16. My hubby found his love of Disc Golf
(I love how much he enjoys it!)
17. I did some quality photo shoots!
18. I started this here little blog!!
19. We're still stuck in this same apartment,
time for change!!! Please?!
(we have been trying to move for some time now) 
19. Husband and myself hit 10 years together
this year! (Crazy right?!)
20. God is faithful!
(Missing a few nephews in this collage!!)
Come on 2013,
 show us what you got!!!

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