Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The 70th Annual Golden Globes...

Oh Tina and Amy, you slay me...

This year the Golden Globes were hosted by Tina Fey and Amy 
Poehler, Thank God. No part of me wanted to watch Ricky
Gervais' insulting self again while I'm trying to 
enjoy my celebrity watching and wishing. 

This was my favorite part...
(Kristen Wiig is mine and hubby's fave!)
Followed by...
Haha! He was not amused!!

Best Dressed according to me...


Worst Dressed according to me...
Lena Dunham was so awkward in this dress. I'm
not sure if the dress was too tight or the heels
were too high, but maybe next year she should
wear flats and maybe go a little more simple. 

As for Emily Mortimer, I really like you but
I really dislike this armor, too tight, looks
painful, shows every square inch of what's going
on underneath your dress, dress. Better luck 
next year!

One day I hope to be invited to The 
Golden Globes!
Hey, a girl can hope!

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  1. thanks for your comment girl :)
    i hope to someday make it to the golden globes too! <3