Monday, January 14, 2013

This weekend...

This weekend, I finally succumbed to the sickness that 
has had a hold on me for over 3 weeks. I even went
to the doctor. I do not do that often, the flu. Yuck. This
was my first and hopefully my last time to have the flu.
I am not a fan, I do not recommend it
Ready for the silver lining?? If you know me, you know 
there is a silver lining...

My husband...
The man I adore showed me such love and care this 
weekend! He is such a blessing to me!
He waited on me hand and foot, he made me homemade
vegetable soup (this boy can only cook 2 things, he can
grill a steak and make hamburger helper/macaroni and 
cheese) Well I guess we can add delicious homemade soup
to that list!! He went to the store for me several times and 
this is the best part...
I couldn't comfortably sleep anywhere but our huge
moviesac, he went to bed after I fell asleep but was
 worried I would be scared (I am a 
scardey cat) so he decided to sleep on the couch near 
me for the past 2 nights instead of in our comfy bed!

I love you husband...
so bad! 

Also, I got a chance to catch up on the current season 
of Parenthood. Does anyone else think this is one of
the best shows on TV right now?? I'm obsessed.

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