Monday, February 25, 2013

Shout out...

Dad, thanks for making this probably the easiest move
I will ever experience! I am so blessed to have you!
Flee, thanks for unpacking like a boss and just being here!
I love you like a sister, probably because we are sisters.
Eli, thanks for falling a lot and screaming...I love you 
little turd baby! 
Grandma, wow, thank you, thank you, thank you!! <3
Momma, you do so much for me always, I couldn't be more 
lucky to be your daughter!
Kristian, thanks for lending us your muscles! 
Auntie Tam, you are so wonderful and strong! :)
Husband, thank you for not laughing at me for my tears
when the apartment I couldn't wait to get out of was nearly
empty. I love you so bad!
God, none of this could have happened without a hefty 
push from you!! Thank you is not enough!
And lastly Beth, the girl who used to live in our new 
apartment who didn't change her shipping address in time, 
I will enjoy this months copy of Allure! ;) 
Your the best! 

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