Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Oscars...

Sadly, in the hurrah of all the moving...
I missed the Oscars...sad. But I watched some 
coverage and scoured the Internet to see what they
wore! And boy did they wear some lovely things...
Lets get going...

Best Dressed according to me...

 Amanda Seyfried was just perfect! The hair, 
the makeup, that dress!!!
 Oh, Amy, you are adorable!!
 Jennifer Lawrence looks flawless in this 
gorgeous gown!
 Jennifer Garner looking positively 
radiant as always! 
 Jessica Chastain looking beautiful!
 Sandra nailed this beautiful lace gown! Simple 
hair and simple makeup make the dress stand out!
Wow! Naomi killed it in a sparkly gown most 
girls dream about!

Worst Dressed according to me...

 Uuuhhhh...No words Brandi...no words...
 Oh, Helena, you are an odd one.
Cute, sweet, adorable Anne Hathaway...I think you 
looked absolutely mesmerizing all fresh faced and 
pixie like, but that dress...ugh. such a
bad top on that dress...

Now about those after party dresses...

Bravo ladies, BRAVO!

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