Thursday, March 7, 2013

Birthday boy...

This guy...

Yep...the one with the cool hair.
(surrounded by the debris of moving)

The one who is the answer to all of my
dreams, hopes and prayers. The one who makes
me feel empowered to do and be whoever I want. 
The one who tells me I'm beautiful every single day, and
I am not exaggerating. The one who still asks me after 10 years
if I'll be his Valentine or if I'd like to go on a date with him instead of just suggesting a date night. 

He is chivalrous
He is gorgeous
He is strong
He is handy
He is a man of God
He is my true love
He is thoughtful
He is snuggly
He is good
He is sweet
He is faithful
He is a dreamer
He is a musician
He is a fan boy
He is a gamer

He is the most amazing blessing God has given me
and I am thankful.

Here's to you and to another year my 
sweet husband. I love you so bad.

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