Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Fashion Staples...

I think every girl and probably even most guys
have those few things that make up the basics of
their wardrobe. And this is true even if you 
aren't aware of it. This could be as simple as 
sneakers and your favorite jeans or as complex
as the perfect scarf, your go to pumps
and the perfect skinnies!
I've always been most comfortable in a T-shirt 
and jeans, but the look has definitely evolved
through the years. Yes, its true, I had a little
goth thing going on in high school, but it was 
cute in my opinion. It was also high school. 
You don't know who your going to be in high school
anymore than I know who I'm gonna be at the ripe 
old age of 26. Still learning, still evolving.

My closet staples look like this...

Solid V-neck tees from Target or elsewhere 
are perfect for just about any casual outfit 
I'm trying to put together!

Rampage makes killer, affordable boots! 
These are in my closet and go great with 
dresses or jeans!

I have a pair of these skinnies from Fossil
that I practically live in. I mean that. 
I'm wearing them right now...I also wore them
yesterday. Haha. No shame!

Black Pumps! Every girl needs some!
These are BCBGeneration, I have these
and I love them! 

This is my go to shoe! This gray is my favorite
but I own it in several other colors as well!
Converse are a great pair of shoes!! They last
for just about ever and they look cute with just
about everything!

Every girl needs a layering tank or 12!
Whether you pick some up at Old Navy
or Target, is no regard to me, just
make sure you pick some up!

My other staples include old flared
jeans I've been wearing since I seriously 
don't remember, self modified band t-shirts, 
toms, and tons of other fun stuff! Come back
soon and I'll show you! 

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