Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dart Rail rides of confusion and NHL...

You guys!!! I saw my first National Hockey
League game last night!!
So anyways, Hockey is oddly quiet
in comparison to NFL or even MLB games
which is weird considering it is so much more 
aggressive feeling. It's just so palpable
being that close to them while they are 
throwing each other into plastic siding,
tripping one another and smacking each other
senseless in an attempt to get that little 
black puck! I must say though, it was a good
time, I cant wait to go again sometime!

However next time maybe we let this pensive
guy do the navigating on the DART Rail System...

Because the girl who writes this blog
has absolutely no and I mean NO sense of
 direction. We missed a few trains,
got off on a few wrong stops. I honestly
don't know what this guy was thinking
letting me look at the map. That'll teach 
him! :)
1 hour late to the game, but fun stuff 
happened on the way! Like we saw a girl with
a face tattoo, we made a Vine video, 
we rode on the slowest train ever made for 
about 2 minutes...and I took some silly pictures 
with my best friend!
Click Here to see our Vine video! :)

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