Monday, March 18, 2013

This Pretty Little Liars weekend...

I cleaned a lot, did all the laundry and managed
to watch almost all of the new episodes of Pretty
Little Liars which I was crazy behind on. I know,
I know, it's a bit cheesy, but darn If they didn't suck 
me in on the first season. Its good stuff, It makes me 
look behind me several times when I'm home by myself
watching it. It's the kind of scary I can handle...that's 
the kind where I don't actually scream and not sleep
for days after watching it. Husband probably 
appreciates the no screaming and the sleeping.

So anyways, I think I half watch it because their 
clothes are AmAzing! (see what I did there with 
the A's?)
They wear stuff like this...

Best dressed teenagers ever? Uh...
yea, I think so! This weekend, I 
fell in LOVE with one particular article
of clothing I saw on the episode titled 
Misery loves company (Season 3, Epi 16)

 I love everything about this sweater. 
The way it moved, the fit, the sheerness!
She of course was likely wearing the 300.00
dollar one I found on amazon, but after 
searching for a while, I found a few
look a likes! 

Can be found here and it's on Sale!!
Kinda loses the appeal here with the
fit and sheerness being so different. 
Still a cute sweater though. 

This one I seriously want and can be 
found here! I think this one is closer
and I'm kind of in love with the soft peach
 Where do I sign?

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