Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hop around date night...

The husband and I were feeling a little 
silly last night and then we realized we had 
two sets of coupons in our possession. So we 
decided to do one of those dates where you eat 
at several different places!
First for the appetizer portion; (I guess)
A taco each from Taco Bueno=free :)
Our entree portion; A chicken sandwich
each from Chick-fil-A=free, we added on  
large fries and a couple of sodas=$5.23
And for dessert, we stopped at Sonic and 
had a Vanilla Cone each=$2.17
They actually have Vanilla cones at 
Chick-fil-A, we just wanted to do the thing 
right so we went ahead and drove to Sonic! 
You know what? That was so silly but was
seriously so fun! And we only spent about 8 
bucks! Cant beat that! We plan to do it again
soon! Coupons or not!
This guy with his faces. Cracks me up!
His nose is red because it was cold
and I made him eat ice cream! :)

And I will leave you with a little of what
I have going on today...
Jeans-Heritage 1981(old)/Hoodie-Lucky(similar- different design)
Eyeshadows-(here-Oilslick and Chopper) Liner-(here-zero)

It's almost Friday!

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