Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Freckles and work clothes...

My freckles can be very deceiving.
Sometimes they are completely obvious and
sometimes they choose to hide. Like so...
 Almost no visible freckles, no filter 
and exactly the same face makeup as the
 next photo...
Freckle City you guys!! :) Does this
happen to anyone else? I looked it up 
and apparently some people's freckles
completely disappear in the winter and 
return faithfully every summer. Mine are
always there but not always the same
amount of visibility...I kinda love my
freckles though y'all, so I was a bit sad
when I read some people's freckles disappear
as they age. :( I want to keep mine please!

So...about these work clothes. I'm a big
believer in dressing easy but feeling cute 
when I'm at work. This is what I wore today...
Cardigan-Target(similar)/Top-Charlotte Russe(old)/Little Sister Charm(same)
Jeans(old)/Flats-Steve Madden(similar)
Its casual, but it's dressy enough for
work without me being uncomfortable.
That's how I roll. :) What does your
work wardrobe look like?

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